Backing favourites is not just easy, it’s expensive – even if they do win most of the time. Our bets lose, most of the time – but we still make money, most of the time.

We look for overpriced horses, back the long-shots and play the long game, as when it perennially all comes together, we win big.

Points System

The points system advises relative to your bankroll how much to stake on each of our tips. 1pt being your usual stake (e.g. £20) and 2pts twice that (e.g. £40). The more points advised, the stronger the fancy and the value.

We bet for value rather than the most likely winner

The most likely winner doesn’t always win, and if they’re always fair prices we’d only break even overall. So why bother? We look for overpriced horses, be they long-shots or odds-on, because when they score we win more than we deserve.

Infrequent big wins beat frequent small wins

It’s the big payouts that we remember. We look for good value, big prices, so that when we win, we win big. We like to take on favourites, chance multiples and keep our best-case scenarios big.

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